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Western Art 

young Cheyenne Woman watercolor study 9x7 Moutain Oyser Show Tuscon Arizonia 

Face of the Past 9x 7.5 Watercolor Bosque Show 2020

Sundown 11x14 oil Bosque Show 2020

Disinterested 9x12 watercolor APA Show

Evening Glow 8x10 oil honorable mention at the APA Show 2020

Shady Relaxation 12x12 Oil

Young Cheyenne girl profile Watercolor study

Scout at Summit Springs Oil 16x20 Bosque Show 2020

"Beauty"--Lakota Style--12"x9"--Oil  APA show 2019

"Long Shot"--Cheyenne style--18"x24" oil 

Prairie Family--Southern Cheyenne style--20"x20" Oil Bosque Show 2019

Hidden Advantage--Southern Cheyenne--16"x12" oil

Northern Cheyenne Headman--18"x14" oil 

"Study of a Cheyenne Man"--12"x9" Oil

"Little Girl Study"--Cheyenne style--12"x9"--Oil

Cheyenne woman study--8"x8" Gouache

Native American study--9"x12" Gouache 

Expressions from the past-- 9"x12" Gouache Bosque Show 2019

"Something in the Distance" 18x24 oil  Bosque Show 2019

"Prarie Sundown"  20"x16" oil

Who’s watching whom—Cheyenne “16x20” oil Collection of the Pearce Museum

“Buffalo Dancer”—Mandan 16”x12”oil

"Cheyenne War Pony"  16x20 Oil

Doubting Eyes—Arapaho 12”x9” oil

Cheyenne warrior 11"x14" oil painting

“Bone Pipe”—Cheyenne 12”x16” acrylic

Native american brave drawing from sketchbook
Cheyenne elder drawing from sketchbook
Cheyenne Dog Soldier charcoal drawing

Sketchbook head study 

Cheyenne ladies drawing from sketchbook

Sketchbook drawings 

cowboy drawing from sketchbook
horse anatomy drawing from sketchbook SOLD

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November 2020 Texas Outdoor Journal Magazine Cover 

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